Monday, May 25, 2009

YoBlog Is Back

Almost a year has passed since I last posted to YoBlog.

It was June 20, 2008 when I wrote up the results of my ill-fated yogurt taste test -- another episode in my life to confirm the the tried and true adage: "Everything in moderation."

While my love for yogurt soon returned, my desire to explore, research, and write about the cultured milk product vanished -- or so it seemed.

Why YoBlog

When I decided to start a blog, I deliberated on all the things in life that fascinated and excited me: politics, history, mysteries, tea, etc., but I kept coming back to yogurt as something I could opine on ad infinitum (and sometimes literally ad nauseam). I've covered napkins, the backs of envelopes, and other pieces of scrap paper with ideas for YoBlog.

When I discovered my YoBlog journal this week in a stack of old papers, I remembered just how extensive and bizarre my yogurt obsession is.

Flipping through the notebook, my taste buds flooded with anticipation and my fingers tingled with inspiration. YoBlog is back!

Please Share Your Story Ideas

I've already mapped out some stories for the summer, but I hope you'll share your interests by leaving me a comment.

Plus, I hope you'll follow YoBlog on Twitter: @YoBlog. I'll be using Twitter to poll yogurt enthusiasts, solicit story ideas, gather feedback, announce new content, and share stuff than doesn't make it into the blog.

Until next time, happy yogurting!

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