Friday, May 16, 2008

Are You a Yogurt Aficionado?

What comes to mind when you hear aficionado?

What pursuits are worthy of devoted followings?

Fine-dining and all that it entails in luxury and pretense? Restaurants with names like "Schwa" and their menus of "pureed brioche, prosciutto consommé, and quail egg ravioli." Cigars: Montecristos, Diplomaticos, and Cohibas; terms of art to describe color, shape, and flavor; and thousands of lay enthusiasts? Neckties? (For men who love to wear silk ties and have found "there is no other feeling other than wearing a new silk necktie.")

On Yogurt
Can one be a devotee of something as simple, humble, and ubiquitous as yogurt? Does yogurt measure up to the likes of Schwa, Cohibas, and the little black tie? I say it does. This modest, unassuming food is just as deserving of aficionados.

If you too are a yogurt enthusiast, please join me in my yogurt quest.


Damien said...

Yogurt yogurt all the time, thus the reason for this rhyme. Yogurt smoothie, yogurt cup, yogurt, just can't get enough!

Whoooooooooooooooooa yogurt!

Anonymous said...

@Damien - Thanks for your enthusiasm!

sai said...

damn girl! i've never witnessed such yogurt-inspired enthusiasm!
have you tried brown cow??

Anonymous said...

@Sai - I know, it's like we're back in our kitchen eating Nutella and discussing Hegal!

Brown Cow is good. I love that it isn't homogenized so you get the yummy creamy layer up top. They also have a nice low-fat yogurt with fruit, nuts, and grains mixed in.

By the way, the woman who checked me out at Whole Foods today got into a conversation about yogurt, and she's a yogurt lover too. Hopefully she'll be by the blog.

Miss you, sweetie. I'm thinking late June, early July for a trip to California. We'll have to try some local yogurts :)

Giselle said...

hey girl, thats awesome you actually do have a yogurt blog! :-P

-your favorite whole foods cashier <3<3<3

Giselle said...

haha...I totally just read your comment after I posted that!

Anonymous said...

@giselle - Thanks for stopping by! I was so pleased to meet another yogurt enthusiast today :) I told my husband when I got home. He rolled his eyes: he doesn't understand how many of us there are!

Can you link me to your blogs? I'd love to check them out.

Hope you have some time off this weekend!

Anonymous said...

I had to check to see if Scarlett really had a yogurt blog, too.

Giselle said...

here's my blog...I keep on logging into the wrong one lol


Anonymous said...

@giselle - Thanks! I'm looking at your blog now, so awesome. I love those new shoes with the translucent white knee high thingies. So cool.

I hope you like Siggi's. I'll try to find you at Whole Foods tomorrow.