Saturday, June 14, 2008

Update on TangySweet

Demand something of Tom Angell and he delivers.

By the way, doesn't Tom look like a food critic?

As you may remember, I asked Tom to check out TangySweet, a new fro-yo joint that's just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Tom's office, and write YoBlog's first store review. Well, he went and sent me some notes along with this tidbit:
I went to TangySweet today and took some notes for you. Sorry that I prolly don't have time to write up a legit post, but you can feel free to edit this and/or quote any of it if you want to put it up on the blog :-)
As if yogurt isn't the most important thing in the world. Sheesh.

Seriously, Tom, thanks for taking a break from saving the world to write about yogurt.

I interviewed Tom's notes; here's my report.

YoBlog (YB): So, Tom's notes, tell me Tom's first impression of TangySweet.

Tom's notes (TN): TangySweet's got a very friendly staff, who were eager to give small taste samples and explain what toppings they have. Everything seemed to be running smoothly after less than a full week in business - except the credit card machine wasn't working.

YB: Bummer about the credit card machine. Was Tom able to scrape a few dollars together to get some yogurt?

TN: Yes, although he had to steal some money off of Dave Borden's desk.

YB: Well, that's O.K. Dave won't notice anyway. I heard he's misplaced checks in that office of his anyways. So, what did Tom have?

TN: After sampling some flavors, he settled on the green tea flavored yogurt and fresh fruit toppings. He liked it so much that he jumped with joy and shouted, "This is the perfect delicious, refreshing treat on a hot DC afternoon!"

YB: Wow, sounds like Tom had a great time. Any complaints?

TN: Tom found the menu to be a little sparse. He thought they could use more side items or a variety of drinks besides just the yougurt, toppings, smoothies, and water that they have now.

YB: What about the price? Some of these fro-yo joints try to charge you an arm and a leg.

TN: Relatively expensive next to TCBY, but comparable to Red Mango and Pink Berry. Tom paid $5.50 plus tax for a medium yogurt with three toppings. (Sorry, Dave.)

YB: What was the highlight? Besides Tom peeing his pants from the excitement of it all?

TN: Let's see. "Excellent selection of fruit toppings" got four exclamation marks (!!!!), so I'd have to say that. Like all the hot fro-yo joints, TangySweet's got a good selection of junkfood toppings too, like chocolate chips and all the sugary childhood cereals.

YB: Well, Tom's notes, we're out of time. Wrap it up for us.

TN: Overall, TangySweet is an enjoyable consumer experience with delicious yogurt. While Tom will probably go back for more, he hopes they expand their menu as they get the hang of things.


Scott said...

There's money on Bordo's desk!? What, did you use a fucking metal detector?

Krane said...

I found yogurt in my desk that Scarlett left there three years ago. Should I eat it?

Anonymous said...

I knew this post would draw in some new readership :) Tom is such a celebrity.

@scott - True story. I think it was 2005 when Bordo cleaned his office for the first time in forever. It was either a visit by the IRS or Phil Harvey that prompted it. Either way, he found a check from a donor (not big, maybe $35) tucked away in his desk or bookcase. Who knows what's built up since then.

@krane - Well, that was my welcome-to-the-office gift, but I'd stay away if I were you :)

Diva Sativa said...

You didn't even ask the food scientist of the office to do your investigating, and Tom tells me all the time that he thinks yogurt is gross! I can only come to the conclusion that this entire yogurt blog is a sham.....

Anonymous said...

@diva - Ouch. I didn't know food scientists were so sensitive about their turf :-/ Perhaps we are in need of a follow-up expose?